Women on Both Sides of the Camera (2018)

Mahshad Afshar

Women on both sides of the camera (2018)

Women on Both Sides of the Camera (2018) :Post-production

Documentary |  United Kingdom.

Writer / Driector: Mahshad Afshar

How do women filmmakers represent women on screen ?

is their representation affected by the male dominant culture and patriarch norms ? 

After the Islamic revolution of 1978 and the transformation of the political structure of the country, by the Islamization of Iranian cinema, new codes of “Gaze and Look” based on Islamic sharia Law were introduced. This adds another layer of complexity to the female gaze! In her  film essay “ woman on both sides of the camera” Afshar through interviews with Iranian female filmmakers and analysis  of a number of the filmstries to find  the strategies of representation of female filmmakers from Iran.

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