Cul De Sac ( 2010)

Mahshad Afshar

Cul-de-sac ( 2010)

Cul De Sac ( 2010)

98 min | Drama

Co-Directed by: Ramin G.Nejad & Mahshad Afshar

Stars: Kiana Firooz, Mahshad Afshar, Nicholas Evans, Ala Amirshahi


Kiana, an Iranian lesbian frightened of being prosecuted in Iran for her sexual orientation, seeks asylum in the UK but her application is turned down by the UK home office. She has nowhere to hide, nowhere to run." Official Selection of 24 International film festivals including: Humburg LGBT Film Festival, Istanbul International Film Festival, Florence LGBT Film Festival and more.

Cul de Sac is about breaching of homosexuals rights in Iran and their challenges when they flee from their home countries. This film focuses on the life an Iranian lesbian called Kiana Firouz who left Iran to avoid getting arrested and persecuted.

The news about this film and the fact that for the first time an Iranian lesbian decides to appear bravely in front of the camera to cry out her invincible right to live freely was spread over the world.

The news about the film reflected by many UK and International press and medias including The Times, Guardian, The Independent, Evening standard, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Farda, Voice of America (VOA), Radio Zamaneh and many more.

Guardian referred to Cul-de-Sac as a remarkable movie'.
According to the Times:"The actress of this film, Kiana Firouz‟ plays a lesbian-seeking asylum in Britain because the Iranian authorities are pursuing her. Unfortunately for Kiana Firouz the film is not make-believe. It is based on her life. The Home Office has denied her asylum and she now faces the prospect of deportation to Iran followed by flogging, execution or both.

Kiana filed for a court appeal following the Home Office‟s decision to reject her application for asylum, but the risk of deportation is imminent. The kiana‟s case was a shock for many people around the world. Accordingly, a petition was launched against the Home Office‟s decision to have her deported to Iran, which has already been signed by more than 40.000 people. Many artists, celebrities and human right activists joined to the campaign to support Kiana. Lady GAGA is one of them.

Martin Fletcher of Times argues that: “Kiana Firouz‟s case is a test of the sincerity of Britain‟s new government. The Conservative Party promised in its equalities manifesto to “change the rules so that gay people fleeing persecution were granted asylum” (The Times, 20 May 2010).

One of the objectives of this film is to mobilize the international LGBT community to support other LGBT members of other communities that have less chance to fight for their civil rights.

„Cul-de-sac‟ could grasp the global media attention after its trailer was broadcasted on youtube in December 2009. Over 40,000 watched the trailer. The youtube administrator carried out the removal of video from youtube under name of the community guideline.


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