The Gaze (2019)

Mahshad Afshar

The Gaze (2019)

The Gaze (2019) :Post-production

Documentary |  United Kingdom.

Writer / Driector: Mahshad Afshar

What is a female Gaze? Does it really exist or is this a myth?

There has  a lot been said about the male gaze that represents women as sexual objects for the voyeuristic gaze of the male viewer. But what truely is the female gaze?   Some  believe that female gaze is just the reverse of the male gaze and some other think that women act as an agent for male gaze or look at themselves through the eyes of men.

That is a question that is marginalized from both cinema and the available literature. In a poetic documentary Afshar explores the concept of female Gaze, looking through her memories of the past living as a woman in Iran.

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