Like A Virgin ( 2011)

Mahshad Afshar

Like A virgin (2011)

Like A virgin (2011)

4 min | Fiction, 16mm

Writer/Director: Mahshad Afshar

Casts: Sarah Barker, Jay Hanson, Tzvet Lazar

Like a Virgin is a short comedy, challenging the issue of virginity for women and hymenoplasty which is not just happening in traditional and religious societies, but also in the west. The story and some historical elements used in the film are inspired by a work painted by the famous Italian painter Giovanni Battista Moroni in about 1555, called "The Vestal Virgin Tuccia".

In this film, TUCCIA is not allowed to marry while she has taken a vow of chastity to serve at the temple of Vesta. The locals catch her with her secret lover and put her chastity in to test. The whole story turns out to be an advert for a hymenoplasty surgery based in London.

Today, in many conservative societies with the preference for a "virgin brideā€ increasing number of women are going under a humiliating knife for hymen reconstruction surgeries to keep intact the notion of the blushing, untouched spouse for their husband to be.

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