Requiem of Walls (2020)

Mahshad Afshar

Requiem of Walls (2020)

Requiem of Walls (2020): Production

Feature Documentary |  United Kingdom.

Writer / Director: Mahshad Afshar

In a highly personalised film essay crossing space and time, Afshar explores the meaning of exile while she is trying to reunite with her family after 12 years in exile.

"Locations, places, and landscapes are not just backdrops to human life; people make them and are made by them. They preserve memories, emotions, and vibrations.

How do we as humans create a sense of place? How do we rework the memories of places left behind? Diaspora, Exile, Immigration; Words that differ in appearance and meaning, but they all have a common property.

They summarize one’s life in a suitcase; A suitcase to relocate objects, memories and pieces of one's identity to a new place."

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