Women on Both Sides of the Camera (2019)

Mahshad Afshar

Women on both sides of the camera (2019)

Women on Both Sides of the Camera (2019): Post-production

Documentary |  United Kingdom.

Writer / Director: Mahshad Afshar

After the Islamic revolution of 1978 in Iran and the transformation of the political structure of the country, new censorship codes were introduced which were mostly aiming at desexualizing women and pushing them to the background. However, the new restrictions didn't stop women from making films. It flourished right in the midst of highest forms of control, restrictions, and censorship. Women’s counter-cinema is a resistance cinema that works against the formalist and ideological dominant cinema in Iran's complex socio-political system.

This documentary focuses on the journey of Iranian female filmmakers and the strategies that they have adopted to overcome the suppression of female authority on screen. They have been able to tell amazing stories and show us the world from a woman’s perspective; They stood against censorship, crossed the red lines and challenged the law.

In her autobiographical film essay, Afshar takes us into her garden shed and narrates one century of resistance of the Iranian women filmmakers in Iranian cinema.

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